Utility of Preoperative Laboratory Testing for Ambulatory Endoscopic Sinonasal Surgery in Low-Risk Patients

Rushi Patel, Sejal Shah, Sudeepti Vedula, Ariel Omiunu, Prayag Patel, Jean Anderson Eloy, Soly Baredes, Christina H. Fang

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Background: Preoperative laboratory tests (PLTs) are often obtained prior to outpatient surgical procedures. The objective of this study is to examine the current practice of routine PLT in low-risk patients undergoing ambulatory endoscopic sinonasal surgery (ESS) and to assess whether such testing impacts surgical outcomes. Methods: Patients undergoing ambulatory ESS were identified from the 2011 to 2018 NSQIP database. Low-risk patients were defined as American Society of Anesthesiologist class 1 or 2. PLTs were grouped into hematologic, chemistry, coagulation, and liver function tests. Chi-square analyses and independent samples t-tests were conducted to compare categoric and continuous variables, respectively. Results: A total of 664 cases met the inclusion criteria, of which 419 (62.1%) underwent at least one PLT. Of these, the most frequent PLT obtained was a complete blood cell count (92.4%). Major complications occurred in 1.5% of patients. There were no statistically significant differences in overall postoperative complications between those with and without PLT (P =.264). Specifically, no significant difference was seen in the incidence of postoperative bleeding (P =.184), urinary tract infection (P =.444), pulmonary embolism (P =.444), or wound infection (P =.701). On multivariable analyses, PLT status was not significantly associated with any complication (P =.097) or unplanned readmission (P =.898). Conclusions: Our analysis did not reveal an association between the use of PLT and postoperative morbidity or unplanned readmission in low-risk patients undergoing outpatient ESS.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)247-252
Number of pages6
JournalAmerican Journal of Rhinology and Allergy
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 2023


  • BMP
  • CBC
  • ambulatory surgery
  • endoscopic sinus surgery
  • healthcare spending
  • low-risk patients
  • postoperative outcomes
  • preoperative lab testing

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