Transoral Vestibular Thyroidectomy: Current State of Affairs and Considerations for the Future

Jonathon O. Russell, Christopher R. Razavi, Mohammad Shaear, Lena W. Chen, Andrew H. Lee, Rohit Ranganath, Ralph P. Tufano

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Context: The transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach (TOETVA) is a recently described procedure for surgical management of select thyroid pathology that avoids a cutaneous scar. TOETVA is far from the first described remote-access approach to the thyroid. In fact, numerous such techniques have been described over the past 20 years, although none has gained widespread implementation in North America or Europe. However, with its rapid growth worldwide and excellent outcomes to date, TOETVA may succeed where these prior techniques have failed. Evidence Acquisition: The English literature was reviewed using the following keywords: transoral thyroidectomy, remote-access thyroidectomy, minimally invasive thyroidectomy, and TOETVA. Because three systematic reviews of this technique were recently conducted, this manuscript does not seek to provide a fourth. Rather, we summarize salient findings from these reviews and focus on candidates for the procedure, technique-specific characteristics that have led to early success with TOETVA, and prospects for the future. Evidence Synthesis: TOETVA is the only thyroidectomy approach obviating the need for a cutaneous incision, and it offers several advantages over previously described remote-access thyroidectomy techniques. These include a favorable anatomic surgical perspective, a comparatively short learning curve, no requirement for expensive instrumentation, and a broad inclusion criterion. These characteristics have facilitated the excellent surgical outcomes to date. Conclusions: TOETVA is a suitable surgical option with proven safety and feasibility for a carefully selected patient population. The potential value of the procedure outside enhanced cosmesis continues to be defined.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberjcem_201900116
Pages (from-to)3779-3784
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Issue number9
StatePublished - Apr 11 2019
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