The World Trade Center attack. Is critical care prepared for terrorism?

Vlad Kvetan

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This commentary on the World Trade Center attack is written from the perspective of a New York City critical care service, with a long history of activity in disaster management, which is located at the Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The paper describes some of the local concerns of the service in the first hours, the reality of dispersal of victims throughout the New York City hospital system, and some of the resources made available and their utilization. In general, the US Critical Care Medicine System receives massive resources in terms of gross national product expenditure when compared with other developed countries. A large capacity is subsequently in place to provide care to critically ill patients resulting from manmade as well as natural disasters. It was the nature of the World Trade Center attack in terms of the ratio of injured survivors to dead victims that did not allow the full capacity and capability of the system to engage.

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JournalCritical Care
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StatePublished - 2001
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