Taking the provider “out of the loop:” patients’ and physicians’ perspectives about IUD self-removal

Jennifer R. Amico, Ariana H. Bennett, Alison Karasz, Marji Gold

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Objective: This study describes the perspectives of patients and providers about intrauterine device (IUD) self-removal. Study design: This qualitative study is a subanalysis of two datasets from a single project, which included semistructured individual interviews with 15 patients and 12 physicians. We derived the data for this analysis from portions of the interviews pertaining to IUD self-removal and provider removal. We analyzed data using deductive and inductive techniques to perform content and thematic analyses. Results: The majority of patients and physicians cited both concerns about and potential benefits of IUD self-removal. Patients cited concerns about safety as the reason they did not wish to remove their own IUD, but physicians did not share these concerns; instead, physicians were apprehensive about not being involved in the discussion to remove the IUD. Both patients and physicians valued having the provider “in the loop” and reported fears about hasty or coerced removal. Conclusions: IUD self-removal is an option that some patients may be interested in. Addressing concerns about safety may make self-removal more appealing to some patients. Addressing physicians’ concern about “hasty” removal may require additional training so that providers are better able to support patients’ decision making around contraceptive use. Implications: The option of self-removal could have a positive impact on reproductive autonomy and patient decision making.

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StatePublished - Oct 2018


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  • Intrauterine device
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  • Self-removal

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