Serous otitis media associated with sensorineural hearing loss in children.

R. J. Ruben, R. Math

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The effect of a conductive hearing loss secondary to serous otitis media in children with sensorineural hearing loss was seen to be an increase in threshold and in one case a decrease in speech discrimination. The diagnosis of the conductive component can be made by means of measurement of impedance, middle ear pressure, the recording of a tympanogram and otoscopy. It is likely that a conductive component can lead to delay in the diagnosis of an underlying sensorineural hearing loss in some children which could result in exacerbation of speech and language deficits. Correction of the conductive component can convert a profound hearing loss to a severe hearing loss, or a severe hearing loss to a moderate hearing loss, and it may also increase speech discrimination.

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Issue number7 Pt 1
StatePublished - Jul 1 1978
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