Regulation of c-fos expression in adipose and muscle tissue of diabetic rats

Ann Louise Olson, Jeffrey E. Pessin

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Insulin treatment of control rats demonstrated a marked 8-fold transient increase (15 min) in c-fos mRNA in white adipose tissue, which returns to basal levels by 5 h. Similarly, insulin treatment resulted in a rapid 9-fold increase in cardiac muscle c-fos mRNA, which also returned to control values by 1 h. By contrast, insulin treatment resulted in only a small increase in c-jun mRNA levels in both adipose tissue and cardiac muscle. Similarly, the expression of c-jun mRNA was only slightly responsive to insulin in these tissues from streptozotocin-induced insulin-deficient diabetic rats. However, insulin treatment of insulin-deficient diabetic rats resulted in a prolonged increase in c-fos message levels in adipose tissue without any significant change in the time course of c-fos mRNA induction/repression in cardiac muscle. These data demonstrate that in contrast to c-jun, c-fos is transiently increased in both cardiac muscle and adipose tissue by insulin treatment. Furthermore, transrepression of the c-fos gene is specifically attenuated in adipose tissue of insulin-deficient diabetic rats, but not in cardiac muscle.

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StatePublished - Jan 1994
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