Management of patients with anti‐Cartwright (Yta)

K. Mohandas, C. L. Delehanty

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Five patients with anti‐Cartwright (Yta) in their serum were observed during a 14‐month period. One of the patients in whom a 51Cr‐labeled donor red cell survival study was done showed increased destruction of infused Yta‐positive red cells while three other patients tested showed a survival of greater than 85 percent at 1 hour. None of the antibodies potentiated interaction between sensitized red cells and heterologous activated mononuclear cells. The fifth patient received many transfusions of Yta‐positive red cells without any adverse reaction. Performance of a 1‐hour red cell survival with 51Cr‐labeled Yta‐ positive cells is recommended when time permits to determine whether patients with anti‐Yta can receive Yta‐positive red cells or, alternatively, whether they must receive Yta‐negative red cells. This approach not only is the safest for the patient, but allows conservation of Yta‐negative blood. Such an approach also should be used in patients with antibodies against other high‐incidence antigens. 1985 AABB

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StatePublished - 1985
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