MacEwen, William

James Tait Goodrich

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William MacEwen (1848-1924) pioneered a number of innovative techniques in brain surgery at the turn of the twentieth century. An early advocate of Joseph Lister's principles of antisepsis, he rapidly adopted these techniques to his surgical practice leading to a marked reduction in patient morbidity and infection. MacEwen successfully used the cerebral localization principles to determine where to operate, leading him to publish a landmark work in 1893 on pyogenic infections of the brain. That book was based on antiseptic principles, cerebral localization, and neurological diagnosis, a work that had an enormous influence on the practice of brain surgery.

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  • Antisepsis
  • Brain surgery
  • Broca, Pierre Paul
  • Charcot, Jean-Martin
  • Cushing, Harvey
  • Dandy, Walter
  • Ferrier, David
  • Horsley, Victor
  • Intracerebral abscess
  • Intubation
  • Krause, Fedor V.
  • Lister, Joseph
  • MacEwen, William
  • MacLeod, George
  • Neurosurgery
  • Oppenheim, Hermann

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