Locomotion, cognition and influences of nutrition in ageing

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Gait and cognitive impairments in older adults can reflect the simultaneous existence of two syndromes that affect certain brain substrates and pathologies. Nutritional deficiencies, which are extremely common among elderly population worldwide, have potential to impact the existence and rehabilitation of both syndromes. Gait and cognition are controlled by brain circuits which are vulnerable to multiple age-related pathologies such as vascular diseases, inflammation and dementias that may be caused or accentuated by poor nutrition or deficiencies that lead to cognitive, gait or combined cognitive and gait impairments. The following review aims to link gait and cognitive classifications and provide an overview of the potential impact of nutritional deficiencies on both neurological and gait dysfunctions. The identification of common modifiable risk factors, such as poor nutrition, may serve as an important preventative strategy to reduce cognitive and mobility impairments and moderate the growing burden of dementia and disability worldwide.

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JournalProceedings of the Nutrition Society
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StatePublished - May 2014


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