Inhibition of Serratia marcescens nuclease secretion by a truncated nuclease peptide

Yi Chi Chen, Yousin Suh, Erik Riise, Bo Kartman, Shida Jin, Michael J. Benedik

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The production of extracellular nuclease (Nuc) from the Serratia marcescens nucA chromosomal locus is inhibited in cells producing the N-terminal portion of Nuc from a multicopy plasmid. This inhibition in trans is not at the level of nucA expression, but rather at the level of secretion of the Nuc protein. Production of the periplasmic protein β-lactamase (B1a) does not inhibit Nuc production unless fused to the nucA signal peptide and expressed from nucAp. Inhibition by either the truncated Nuc peptide (ΔNuc) or a B1a fusion protein is promoter specific and observed when expressed from nucAp; little inhibition is observed when the same protein is expressed from the lacZpo promoter-operator. This promoter specificity is also true for the secretion of Nuc itself.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)9-16
Number of pages8
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jun 12 1996
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  • Dominant mutation
  • Extracellular proteins
  • Fusion protein
  • Gene deletion

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