Increased Malignancy Rate in Children with IgE Deficiency: A Single-center Experience

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Background: Immunoglobulin (Ig) E-deficient adults (IgE<2.5 kU/L) have increased susceptibility for developing malignancy. We evaluated the association between IgE deficiency and cancer diagnosis in children (age younger than 18 y), compared with those non-IgE-deficient (IgE≥2.5 kU/L). Materials and Methods: Information about malignancy diagnosis were compared between 4 cohorts of children who had IgE levels measured at our institution: IgE-deficient (IgE<2.5 kU/L), normal IgE (2.5<IgE≥100 kU/L), high IgE (100≥IgE<1000 kU/L), very high IgE (IgE≥1000 kU/L). Results: Overall, 94/4586 (2%) children had IgE deficiency. A significantly higher malignancy rate was found in IgE-deficient children (3/94, 3.2%) compared with non-IgE-deficient cohort (13/4492, 0.3%, P<0.0001). Analysis of the groups with different IgE levels revealed a significantly higher rate of cancer in IgE-deficient children (3.2%) compared with those with normal (0.5%; odds ratio [OR]=7.84; 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.94-31.61, P=0.004), high (0.2%; OR=25.80; 95% CI: 4.94-134.54, P=0.002), and very high IgE levels (0.2%; OR=42.17; 95% CI: 3.84-463.02, P<0.0001). All 3 IgE-deficient children had lymphoma. Malignancies in the other groups included lymphoma, leukemia, brain, liver, ovarian cancers. Conclusions: Malignancy rate was higher in IgE-deficient children compared with those with normal, high, or very high IgE levels, supporting the hypothesis that IgE deficiency may be a marker for malignancy susceptibility in children. Larger, prospective studies are necessary to further evaluate this association.

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JournalJournal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
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StatePublished - May 2021


  • IgE deficiency
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  • malignancy

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