Human homeo box-containing genes located at chromosome regions 2q31→2q37 and 12q12→12q13

L. A. Cannizzaro, C. M. Croce, C. A. Griffin, A. Simeone, E. Boncinelli, K. Huebner

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Four human homeo box-containing cDNAs isolated from mRNA of an SV40-transformed human fibroblast cell line have been regionally localized on the human gene map. One cDNA clone, c10, was found to be nearly identical to the previously mapped Hox-2.1 gene at 17q21. A second cDNA clone, c1, which is 87% homologous to Hox-2.2 at the nucleotide level but is distinct from Hox-2.1 and Hox-2.2, also maps to this region of human chromosome 17 and is probably another member of the Hox-2 cluster of homeo box-containing genes. The third cDNA clone, c8, in which the homeo box is ~84% homologous to the mouse Hox-1.1 homeo box region on mouse chromosome 6, maps to chromosome region 12q12→12q13, a region that is involved in chromosome abnormalities in human seminomas and teratomas. The fourth cDNA clone, c13, whose homeo box is ~73% homologous to the Hox-2.2 homeo box sequence, is located at chromosome region 2q31→q37. The human homeo box-containing cluster of genes at chromosome region 17q21 is the human cognate of the mouse homeo box-containing gene cluster on mouse chromosome 11. Other mouse homeo box-containing genes of the Antennapedia class (class I) map to mouse chromosomes 6 (Hox-1, proximal to the IgK locus) and 15 (Hox-3). A mouse gene, En-1, with an engrailed-like homeo box (class II) and flanking region maps to mouse chromosome 1 (near the dominant hemimelia gene). Neither of the class I homeo box-containing genes - c8 and c13 - maps to a region of obvious homology to chromosomal positions of the presently known mouse homeo box containing genes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1-15
Number of pages15
JournalAmerican Journal of Human Genetics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 1987

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