Hepatic arterial continuous infusion (HACI) of oxaliplatin in patients with unresectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer

Andrea Mancuso, Rosa Giuliani, Caterina Accettura, Marzia Palma, Giuliana D'Auria, Fabiana Cecere, Luca Paoluzzi, Mario Bezzi, Bruno Massidda, Enrico Cortesi

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Background: Oxaliplatin, a new DACH-platinum compound, has provided high response rates both in untreated and 5-FU-resistant patients. Aim: to define the feasibility and toxicity profile of Oxaliplatin administered as a continuous hepatic aterial infusion. Patients and Methods: Seventeen patients with pretreated metastatic liver colorectal cancer were treated with Oxaliplatin 20 mg/m2/day by HACI x 5 days every 3 weeks. Results: Toxicity grade 3 included pain (4 out of 17), asthenia (1 out of 17) and nausea (1 out of 17). Abdominal pain grade 4 (WHO) was noted in only one patient. Overall, severe abdominal pain (main dose-limiting toxicity) was observed in 41% of patients and no chemical hepatitis and sclerosing cholangitis pain-related was proven by an endoscopic retrograde cholangiography. The response rate was not a primary end-point; nonetheless among 15 evaluable patients we observed partial responses (PR) in 7 patients (46%) and stable disease (SD) in 21% of cases for an overall tumor growth control of 67%. Progression to disease (PD) was 33%. Following chemotherapy, one patient underwent surgical removal of residual metastases, with curative intent. The 1-year survival rate was 64%. The median duration of survival was 19 months. The median delay to hepatic progression was 10 months. Conclusion: Further studies are required to define the role of HACI Oxaliplatin, the schedule of administration (bolus vs continuous infusion) and the combination, also in this setting, with fluoropyrimidines.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1917-1922
Number of pages6
JournalAnticancer Research
Issue number2 C
StatePublished - Mar 2003
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  • Arterial infusion
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Metastatic liver
  • Oxaliplatin

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