Health needs of the adolescent

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In recent years, considerable effort has been devoted to the study of those core elements necessary to define a reference standard of health for adolescents. In our program, indices of adolescent disability were developed based on an analysis of 12 years of data from approximately 75,000 teenage patients. In-hospital (14,000), ambulatory (15,000), and community based (50,000) adolescent contacts offered differing indices of disease. Targeted screening efforts produced significant epidemiologic data and generated recommendations for adolescent ambulatory screening standards which were then applied to such community experiences as school health programs and urban group home settings. Both demonstrated significant levels of disability in excess of 50% of the populations studied. Alternatively, review of more complex problems observed within a hospital setting specific for adolescents revealed significant chronic disability. Clearly the health requirements of the adolescent are extensive but effective interventions must be based on carefully considered indicators of unmet needs.

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