Genetic regulation of the embryology of the pituitary gland and somatotrophs

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Extrinsic and intrinsic signaling gradients determine expression patterns of pituitary-specific factors in the developing anterior pituitary gland. The temporal and spatial relations of these developmental factors are required for the determination of each of the pituitary cell lineages. Rpx is required for early differentiation of the anterior pituitary. The determination of the somatotroph cell line is dependent on the transcription factors Lhx3, Prop-1, and Pit-1. Pit-1 also plays a role in the activation and regulation of the somatotroph gene product, GH. Additional factors such as CREB and the GHRH receptor, may be involved in somatotroph determination, while Zn-15 and Pitx2 may be involved in GH gene activation.

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