Fertility desires, unmet need for family planning, and unwanted pregnancies among HIV-infected women in care in Kinshasa, DR Congo

Marcel Yotebieng, Alison Norris, Jean Lambert Chalachala, Yori Matumona, Habib Omari Ramadhani, Frieda Behets

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Introduction: we assessed the fertility desires, utilization of family planning (FP) methods, and incidence of pregnancies among HIV-infected women receiving care in an HIV clinic with an onsite FP services in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Methods: between November 2011 and May 2012, all HIV-infected women who attended a routine visit at the clinic were interviewed about their fertility desires and utilization of contraceptive methods using a structured questionnaire. Routine follow-up visit data were used to identify pregnancies recorded between the interview and June 2013. Results: overall, of the 699 HIV-infected women interviewed. 249 (35.7%) reported not wanting another child. Of the 499 (72.2%) participants who were sexually active at the time of interview, 177 (35.5%) were using an effective contraceptive method, including 70 (14.0%) women who reported using condoms consistently and 104 (20.8%) who were using injectable contraception. Overall, 88 (17.6%) sexually active participants who did not want another child were not using an effective FP method, and thus are considered to have had unmet need. During the median follow-up time of 22.2 (IQR: 20.2, 23.6) months, among all women interviewed, 96 (14.1%) became newly pregnant [pregnancy rate 9.3 (95%CI: 7.6, 11.4) per 100 women-years] including 21 (8.7%) among women who initially reported not wanting another child [unwanted pregnancy rate 5.8 (95%CI: 3.6, 9.3) per 100 women-years]. Conclusion: the persistence of relatively high unmet need among women receiving HIV care in a clinic with onsite FP services suggests the existence of barriers that must be identified and addressed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalPan African Medical Journal
StatePublished - Mar 12 2015
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  • Contraceptives
  • DR Congo
  • Family planning
  • HIV
  • Unwanted pregnancy

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