Expanded endoscopic endonasal resection of suprasellar abscess and tumor: An operative video

Evan Kominsky, Andre E. Boyke, Edward Bader, Waleed M. Abuzeid, Vijay Agarwal

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Pituitary abscess is a rare condition that can result from a primary infection of the pituitary gland or secondarily to an existing pathology. While there are prior prior prior reported cases of secondary pituitary abscesses, we present the first operative video detailing management of this uncommon disease entity. We present the case of a 36-year-old male with a history of a known pituitary adenoma who was found to have a pituitary abscess. The patient underwent an expanded endoscopic endonasal approach for abscess evacuation and tumor resection. The patient recovered well, with gradual return of right extra-ocular movements and full return of right vision. At 1 year post-operatively, he had returned to work with no restrictions. A discussion of the presenting symptoms; risks, benefits, and alternatives to surgical intervention; and an overview of the known cases of secondary pituitary abscesses is presented. Operative video from the case is reviewed, in addition to relevant radiologic imaging, pre-operatively, and at 1 year post-operatively.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number101389
JournalInterdisciplinary Neurosurgery: Advanced Techniques and Case Management
StatePublished - Mar 2022


  • Endoscopic
  • Pituitary abscess
  • Transsphenoidal pituitary resection

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  • Surgery
  • Clinical Neurology


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