Early events in guinea pig reticulocyte iron uptake

Simeon Pollack, Theresa Campana

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Hemolysates, prepared from guinea pig reticulocytes incubated with 59Fe-labelled serum, can be resolved into five peaks utilizing molecular sieve chromatography: ferritin, transferrin, hemoglobin, an Mr 17 000 fraction, and a low molecular weight fraction. The hemoglobin peak also contains a nonhemoglobin component (III-X), demonstrated by heme extraction and by isoelectric focusing. Transferrin, the III-X component and the low molecular weight fraction are the first to accumulate radioactive iron during the reticulocyte incubation. The 59Fe in each of these also chases. Therefore, a role for these components as precursors to iron incorporation into heme is suggested.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)366-373
Number of pages8
JournalBBA - General Subjects
Issue numberC
StatePublished - 1981


  • (Reticulocyte)
  • Heme compound
  • Iron uptake

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