Dynamic changes of the Golgi apparatus during bovine in vitro oocyte maturation

S. E. Racedo, V. Y. Rawe, H. Niemann

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For successful fertilization by the male gamete, oocyte cytoplasmic organelles such as the Golgi apparatus have to undergo specific changes: the entire process is known as cytoplasmic maturation. The goal of this study was to unravel the dynamics of the Golgi apparatus in bovine oocytes at critical stages of in vitro maturation, i.e. germinal vesicle (GV), GV breakdown (GVBD), metaphase I (MI) and metaphase II, and to investigate the role of various molecules critically involved therein. The cytoplasmic distribution of proteins was assessed by immunocytochemistry and laser confocal microscopy. We applied specific inhibitors, including nocodazole to unravel the functional role of the microtubular elements; sodium orthovanadate, which primarily inhibits cytoplasmic dynein ATPase activity; monastrol which inhibits the kinesin EG5; and roscovitine to inhibit the kinase cyclin-dependent kinase 2A (CDC2A). Prior to GVBD, the Golgi apparatus was translocated from the centre of the cytoplasm to the cortical area in the periphery, where it underwent fragmentation. A second translocation was observed between GVBD and MI stages, when the Golgi apparatuswas moved from the cortex to the centre of the cytoplasm. Incubation with the specific inhibitors revealed that microtubules played an active role in the final localization at GVBD, while CDC2A was essential for Golgi fragmentation at GVBD stage. This partitioning was a precondition for the second movement. In conclusion, for the first time we show basic mechanisms critically involved in the regulation of the dynamic changes of Golgi apparatus during meiosis of the bovine oocyte.

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Number of pages9
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2012

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