Discharge service as a determinant of 30-day readmission in a cohort of maintenance hemodialysis patients: A retrospective cohort study

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Background: End stage renal disease (ESRD) patients on maintenance hemodialysis, are high utilizers of inpatient services. Because of data showing improved outcomes in medical patients admitted to hospitalist-run, non-Teaching services, we hypothesized that discharge from a hospitalist-run, non-Teaching service is associated with lower risk of 30-day re-hospitalization in a cohort of patients on hemodialysis. Methods: One thousand and 84 consecutive patients with ESRD on maintenance hemodialysis who were admitted to Montefiore, a tertiary care center, in 2014 were analyzed using the electronic medical records. We evaluated factors associated with 30-day readmission in multivariable regression models. We then tested the association of care by a hospitalist-run, non-Teaching service with 30-day readmission in a propensity score matched analysis. Results: Patients cared for on the hospitalist-run, non-Teaching service had lower socio-economic scores (SES) and had longer lengths of stay (LOS), as compared to a standard teaching service, but otherwise the populations were similar. In multivariable testing, severity of illness, (OR 2.40, (95%CI: 1.43-4.03) for highest quartile) number of previous hospitalizations (OR 1.22 (95%CI:1.16-1.28) for each admission), and discharge to a skilled nursing facility (SNF)(OR 1.56 (95%CI:1.01-2.43) were significantly associated with 30-day re-Admissions. Care by the non-Teaching service was associated with a lower risk of 30-day readmission, even after adjusting for clinical factors and matching based on propensity score (OR 0.65(95%CI:0.46-0.91) and 0.71(95%CI:0.66-0.77) respectively). Conclusions: Patients with ESRD on hemodialysis discharged from a hospitalist-run, non-Teaching medicine service had lower odds of readmission as compared to those patients discharged from a standard teaching service.

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StatePublished - Dec 4 2017


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