Cancer Biomarkers for Integrative Oncology

Aniruddha Ganguly, David Frank, Nagi Kumar, Yung Chi Cheng, Edward Chu

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Purpose of Review: There has been an increasing interest in using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches to treat cancer. It is therefore relevant and timely to determine if CAM biomarkers can be identified and developed to guide cancer diagnosis and treatment. Herein, we review the status of cancer biomarkers in CAM research and treatment to stimulate further research in this area. Recent Findings: Studies on promising anti-cancer natural products, such as PHY906, honokiol, bryostatin-1, and sulforaphane have demonstrated the existence of potential cancer biomarker(s). Additional studies are required to further develop and ultimately validate these biomarkers that can predict clinical activity of the anti-cancer natural products used alone or in combination with chemotherapeutic agents. Summary: A systematic approach is needed to identify and develop CAM treatment associated biomarkers and to define their role in facilitating clinical decision-making. The expectation is to use these biomarkers in determining potential options for CAM treatment, examining treatment effects and toxicity and/or clinical efficacy in patients with cancer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number32
JournalCurrent oncology reports
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 1 2019
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  • Anti-cancer herbal medicine
  • Anti-cancer natural product
  • Biomarker
  • Cancer complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
  • Cancer diagnostics
  • Integrative oncology

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