Apoptosis in the monkey small intestinal epithelium: Structural and functional alterations in the mitochondria

M. Madesh, R. Anup, O. Benard, K. A. Balasubramanian

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Our earlier studies have Shown apoptosis in the villus tip cells of the monkey small intestinal epithelium. Because mitochondria have been implicated in the apoptotic process, this study looked at the function and lipid composition of mitochondria isolated from apoptotic villus tip cells and compared it with middle and crypt cells. Decreased MTT reduction and respiratory control ratio, increased swelling and altered mitochondrial enzyme activities were seen in the villus tip cell mitochondria when compared to other cells. The lipid composition of the villus tip mitochondria were different from the other mitochondria. A decrease in phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylinositol and an increase in phosphatidic acid was seen in these mitochondria. Fatty acid composition analysis showed more unsaturated fatty acids in the free fatty acid and phospholipid fraction in villus tip cell mitochondria as compared to other cells. These studies suggest that in the monkey small intestinal epithelium, apoptotic process is associated with functional and structural alterations in the mitochondria.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)836-843
Number of pages8
JournalFree Radical Biology and Medicine
Issue number7-8
StatePublished - Apr 1999
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  • Apoptosis
  • Free radicals
  • Intestinal epithelium
  • Mitochondria
  • Monkey

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