Angiogenesis: Insights from a systematic overview

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This book provides an overview of the scientific methods used to search, analyse, appraise and synthesize studies on angiogenesis. It is intended to serve as a comprehensive piece of literature that encompasses all aspects from the molecular features of angiogenesis to the clinical value and potential pitfalls of angiogenic-based therapies. The primary motion to write this book is to provide an overview of the current status of the research in this field, with a focus on both tumoral and non-tumoral disease. Effects of various anti-angiogenic and pro-angiogenic molecules are also addressed in detail. This book comes at an important time in the development of so-called "translational medicine". Its purpose is to explain all the molecular bases underlying the angiogenic process and apply them to the clinical world. Reviewed and addressed are the basic concepts and importance of new drugs in clinical trials to inhibit or promote angiogenesis. This book may be considered as a scholarly reference work for libraries and researchers across the world and as a supplementary text for courses in medicine, physiology, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology. It is expected that readers, both basic researchers and clinicians, will gain a good understanding of the essential value of angiogenesis in health and disease.

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