Adolescents and young adult with VCFS: A descriptive study of 20 individuals

A. E. Pulver, G. Nestadt, R. Goldberg, B. Morrow

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Previously we reported the psychiatric status of 14 patients with VCFS ascertained through the Montefiore Centre for Craniofacial Disorders (Pulver et al. 1994). These patients were ascertained independent of their psychiatric status and were over the age of 15 when interviewed for this study. Six additional cases have now been ascertained. In the extended sample (n=20 age range 16-41), we report psychiatric diagnoses based on a consensus diagnostic procedure and describe social, educational attainments and occupations of these subjects. Five individuals have had at least one hospitalisation for a psychiatric problem. These subjects meet DSM IV criteria of the following diagnoses: schizophrenia (3): schizoaffective (1); and depression (1). Of the remaining 15 subjects who were not hospitalised, various less severe diagnoses were assigned. Five individuals did not meet the criteria for any psychiatric diagnosis. The majority of the subjects attended either a special school or a special class for children with learning problems. While 50% of the subjects describe their intimate relationships as consistent and fulfilling. 25% of them reported that they did not have any intimate relationships. Nineteen of the subjects reported that they were never married. The one subject who had been married also has been divorced. Currently occupation for the 14 cases who are working is as follows: Kitchen helper/food service or bus boy (4): janitor/maintenance (2); file or office clerk (2): sales clerk (2): secretary (2): childcare worker (1); dental assistant (1). These data suggest that those individuals with VCFS are at an increased risk of poor clinical, social and occupational functioning. Further studies with more representative samples of adult VCFS patients are needed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages1
JournalGenetic Counseling
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StatePublished - Dec 1 1999
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