Purposeful Outreach for Diversity and Inclusion of Underrepresented in Medicine (PODIUM) Physician-Scientists

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We propose the “Purposeful Outreach for Diversity and Inclusion of Underrepresented in Medicine (PODIUM) Physician-Scientists” T32 Program to train and increase the number of investigators from under-represented in medicine (URM) backgrounds, committed to research relevant to cardiovascular, pulmonary, and hematologic diseases, and sleep (HLBS) disorders and to also address disparities in health in pediatric and adult populations. We will apply the strengths of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) and the Montefiore Health System (Montefiore), with our outstanding record of recruiting a diverse group of trainees and developing scientists and clinician-investigators, to develop a new generation of diverse scientists highly trained in HLBS research. This training will occur in the Bronx, the most diverse county in the United States, where over 95% of the population is of Hispanic or African American heritage. The population in the Bronx also has high burden of HLBS disorders. Our program includes 28 established faculty mentors conducting funded HLBS research representing 9 different departments. We request resources to support 3 postdoctoral trainees who will spend 2 years in training. Our specific aims are (Aim 1) to increase trainee knowledge and skills in research through hands-on, mentored research from established, senior scientists; (Aim 2) to increase the number of postdoctoral trainees who pursue academic careers in research; and (Aim 3) to increase the number of postdoctoral trainees who successfully compete for extramural funding. The training plan will include individualized curriculum based on the trainee prior experience, competencies and skills with structured classwork, seminars and workshops that supplement hands-on research with mentors. Emphasis will be placed on experiential mentored research experiences as well as professional development activities to prepare the trainees for a research career in academic medicine. The knowledge and skills learned from this training program and the other educational and professional development activities promoted by PODIUM will allow this new cadre of URM investigators to advance the HLBS research. We will conduct a careful and rigorous evaluation of the program to maintain and enhance its quality. To help strengthen the pathway of diverse scientists, we propose innovative collaborations where PODIUM trainees will serve as career role models to predoctoral students in established academic programs, such as Bronx Community Health Leaders (BxCHL), the Einstein Office of Diversity Enhancement (ODE) programs and Leadership, Engagement, and Diversity in Education and Residency (LEADER) to increase interest of URM students in academic research careers. Our ultimate goal is to provide the next generation of URM investigators with the state-of-the art experiences and skills required to initiate and sustain successful independent careers in HLBS research. This training program brings our institution's considerable depth, rigorous scientific approach, and tradition of innovation to bear on important and highly prevalent burden of HLBS disorders in our community.
Effective start/end date2/1/241/31/25


  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: $290,844.00


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