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Administrative Core. Abstract The Administrative Core provides a critical structure that promotes scientific communication, sound budget management, sharing of data and ideas, and timely reporting of progress. The Core will schedule regular meetings between project participants, insure integration of the PPG with the Einstein Cancer Center, and organize periodic reviews by the Internal and External Advisory Committees. The overall scientific direction of the Program Project is provided by interactions within the Scientific Steering Committee, which is composed of the Program Director/PI, the Project and Core Leads and Co-Leads, and the Internal Advisor (Einstein Cancer Center Director), with advice and consultation from the Internal and External Advisory Committees. The Core will provide an administrative structure to facilitate these interactions, and for the review and evaluation of the Program Project on an ongoing basis. Most important, The Core will promote the integration of scientific investigation to effectively achieve the goals of the Program Project. Specific Aim 1. Provide the Projects and Cores with administrative and secretarial support to carry out the scientific goals of the Program Project, its general administration, fiscal oversight, and communication among participants in the program. Specific Aim 2. Provide a centralized structure for the coordination of research meetings, travel arrangements, journal clubs, work in progress presentations, seminars and retreats. Specific Aim 3. Provide overall support for reporting activities, including review by the internal and external advisory committees and the preparation of progress reports and renewal applications.
Effective start/end date6/1/225/31/23


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