The collection of the motile population of cells from a living tumor

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In this study, we report that needles containing chemoattractants can be used to collect the subpopulation of motile and chemotactic tumor cells from a primary tumor in a live rat as a pure population suitable for further analysis. The most efficient cell collection requires the presence of chemotactic cytokines, such as epidermal growth factor and serum components, and occurs with 15-fold higher efficiency in metastatic tumors compared with nonmetastatic tumors. Although tumor cells of the nonmetastatic tumors show a motility response to serum, they were not collected with high efficiency into needles in vivo in response to serum, indicating that additional factors besides motility are required to explain differences in cell collection efficiencies between metastatic and nonmetastatic tumors. The results reported here indicate that needles filled with growth factors and matrigel, when inserted into the primary tumor, can faithfully mimic the environment that supports invasion and intravasation in vivo. Furthermore, the results indicate that the same cell behaviors that contribute to chemotaxis in vitro also contribute to invasion in vivo.

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StatePublished - Oct 1 2000

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