REP: health care for youth.

D. Futterman

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Dr. Donna Futterman, Director of the Adolescent AIDS Program at Montefiore Hospital, discusses the Risk Evaluation Program (REP), part of their overall program for adolescents. REP, the largest program in New York City, offers medical treatment to people ages 13 to 24, a research program, and training and outreach activities. Many of the patients are referred through a prenatal testing system. Confidentiality and anonymity are sensitive areas, particularly for teenagers, who have the highest rates of STDs of any population. About 94 percent of the clients are teenagers of color, many of whom distrust medications and present adherence problems. Dr. Futterman is working toward overcoming teens' reluctance of being tested since early treatment is beneficial.

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JournalNewsline (People with AIDS Coalition of New York)
StatePublished - May 1998
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