Early experience with a polymethyl pentene oxygenator for adult extracorporeal life support

Giles J. Peek, Hilliary M. Killer, Richard Reeves, Andrezj W. Sosnowski, Richard K. Firmin

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Silicone oxygenators are the standard devices used for Extra-corporeal Life Support (ECLS), but they have some limitations. Microporous polypropylene hollow fiber oxygenators overcome many of these problems but, unfortunately, develop plasma leak. Polymethyl-pentene (PMP) is a novel oxygenator material. We report our initial experience with the Medos Hilite 7000LT, a PMP hollow fiber oxygenator, in six adult respiratory ECLS patients with these characteristics: age, mean 32.2 (±13) years; weight, mean 81.2 (±17) kg; PaO2/FIO2, mean 62.8 [±33] mm Hg; Murray Score, mean 3.4 [±0.3]; and sepsis related organ failure assessment score, mean 9.6 [±2.3]. One patient was cannulated within 10 hours of multiple trauma and 1 hour after thoracolaparotomy; another patient was cannulated 12 hours after a thoracotomy. All six patients survived. Heparin was infused (7.8-32.5 u/kg/hr) to maintain activated clotting time at 162 to 238 seconds; international normalized ratio was 0.9 to 3.4. Two of the six patients required transfusions of fresh frozen plasma, receiving one and five units, respectively. Fibrinogen was 1.4 to 6 g/dl; no cryoprecipitate was needed. Platelet counts were between 65 and 306, and very little platelet transfusion (mean 2.33; ± 3.03 units per patient) was required to maintain these levels. Two patients did not require any platelet transfusion. Maximum blood flow was 5.3 L/min, sweep was 3 to 10 L/min, and resistance was 11 to 43 Paul Wood Units. There were no oxygenator failures. Mean duration of ECLS was 151.7 hours (±75.6). Our initial experience with PMP oxygenators in adults was satisfactory, and platelet consumption and resistance to blood flow seem to be greatly reduced with PMP.

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JournalASAIO Journal
Issue number5
StatePublished - 2002
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