Behavioral and Genetic Factors Associated with Successful Long-Term Cessation in Persons with HIV Who Smoke Cigarettes

Jonathan Shuter, H. Dean Hosgood, Ryung S. Kim, Kenny Ye, Cristina Montagna, Jidong Shan, Andrea H. Weinberger

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Background. Persons with HIV (PWH) smoke cigarettes at much higher rates than the general population in the US, and smoking is now the leading cause of death in US PWH. Efforts to control the tobacco use epidemic in PWH have met with limited success, and the factors associated with successful cessation are not well delineated. There is a particular dearth of knowledge regarding PWH ex-smokers who have successfully quit smoking cigarettes for the long term. Methods. We pooled data from three separate sources of PWH smokers and ex-smokers (reporting complete abstinence for ≥ one year with biochemical verification at the time of data collection) from New York City, collected sociodemographic and behavioral information from them in structured interviews, and obtained their DNA samples. Univariate and rigorous multivariate analytic strategies were employed to determine the sociobehavioral and genetic factors that distinguished PWH smokers from ex-smokers. Results. We compared 142 current/recent smokers to 52 biochemically confirmed ex-smokers. The mean age of the participants was 53.3±9.9 years, 49.5% were female, and 76.3% were Black/African American. Successful quitters had significantly lower anxiety scores and were less likely to report hazardous alcohol use or to use marijuana or cocaine. On multivariate analysis utilizing a conservative analytic approach, of 156 single nucleotide variants (SNV) within 12 a priori candidate genes, only the 37148248 T->C variant of gene SLC25A21 on chromosome 14 was associated with long-term cessation. Conclusions. In this study, we report behavioral variables associated with long-term abstinence in PWH ex-smokers, and we also report the first genetic correlation of successful cessation in a PWH population yet described.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number1894160
JournalJournal of Smoking Cessation
StatePublished - 2021

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  • Psychiatry and Mental health


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