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Core B – Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core (Core Lead: Porcelli) Program Lead: Backer, Jonathan M. ABSTRACT The Flow Cytometry Analysis and Cell Sorting Core (Core B) will provide access to equipment and expertise for a variety of advanced flow cytometry-based technologies for single cell level analysis and isolation. The core will support and maintain a range of advanced instruments for analytic and sorting applications, and will actively guide the program investigators in applying these to their studies on cancer metastasis. These methodologies will be applied for the identification, isolation and detailed profiling of cell types of interest and relevance to the goals of the program project. The resources of the core will be used extensively in all projects comprising this program, and their organization and support under this structure will provide the Program investigators with access and technical support in a cost effective way. The key personnel of the core will have effort dedicated to directly assisting the program PIs in the development and implementation of single cell analysis techniques relevant to their projects, and assist them in innovating new approaches using the core technologies. By providing an organizing nucleus for a portfolio of flow cytometry-based single cell analysis and isolation methods, Core B will create an infrastructure and environment for adapting these evolving technologies to the needs of the PPG investigators. All of the essential equipment and expertise required for this core are already in place and available at our institution. Key personnel with the necessary background and expertise have been recruited from existing faculty and staff, and these individuals have been designated appropriate levels of effort to ensure proper functioning of Core B. While some of the equipment and personnel associated with the core are physically housed and partially supported within our NCI CCSG (P30) funded Flow Cytometry Core Facility, the creation of Core B is essential to the successful accomplishment of the goals of the PPG, as it will enable the implementation of these technologies for new and innovative applications that specifically address the studies of cancer metastasis that form the theme of the current program application. PHS 398/2590 (Rev. 11/07) Page
Effective start/end date6/1/225/31/23


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