Einstein BSL3 Laboratory Renovation to Advance Biomedical Research on RNA Viruses of Pandemic Potential

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ABSTRACT We propose to renovate existing laboratory space in the Chanin Building at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) which will expand and improve available BSL-3 and ABSL-3 facilities to serve the growing needs of our Einstein investigators who conduct research on emerging RNA viruses with the ultimate goal of vaccine and therapeutics development. Our current small virology BSL-3 facility lacks the space to meet current and projected investigator demand and to house the equipment needed to conduct cutting-edge in vitro and cell-based studies and work with animals. In addition to renovation that includes expanded BSL-3 and ABSL-3 space (1497 sq ft specifically for RNA virus research), our plan includes modernization of building systems and investments in fixed equipment and novel nonfixed scientific equipment to enhance and streamline laboratory operations. Further, the existing BSL-3 space in Chanin has temperature control systems which are inadequate and sorely in need of updating; this will be alleviated by new and independent system for temperature, humidity and exhaust (dedicated and redundant). We therefore request support for the following aims, which are intended to expand and upgrade our existing facility, with new technologies for laboratory support, animal holding, and energy efficiency. In the following sections, we describe an oversight process that will facilitate all aspects of the renovation process. Aim 1. Modernize and expand overall BSL-3 space in the Chanin Building for emerging RNA virus research. Aim 2. Create infrastructure for animal virus studies at the BSL-3 level. Aim 3. Furnish the renovated laboratory space with fixed equipment and novel nonfixed scientific equipment to result in a fully equipped emerging RNA virus BSL-3 laboratory space. This proposal includes institutional support to significantly supplement lab equipment for this project, ensure ongoing maintenance of all equipment and infrastructure improvements, and provide needed personnel support. Finally, Einstein is committing pilot funding to enable more investigators to utilize the new facility and obtain data to support grant applications to fund studies on RNA viruses with pandemic potential.
Effective start/end date9/16/222/29/24


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