Analysis of Biomolecular Associations

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DESCRIPTION (provided by the applicant): Ligand binding and macromolecular associations are generally grouped under the rubric "Reversible Associations" to denote their dependence upon noncovalent interactions that are in dynamic equilibrium in solution. A surface plasmon resonance instrument (BIAcore) is requested to join our existing analytical ultracentrifuge in order to establish a shared facility for the quantitative analysis of reversible associations. The research interests of the application participants encompass a broad range of important biomedical problems including assembly of gene transcription initiation and regulatory complexes, anti-HIV drug design, ligand binding and allostery, immunology and neuroscience. These instruments will be housed in a location convenient to the users' laboratories and will be accessible to the entire Einstein research community through the Laboratory for Macromolecular Analysis & Proteomics. The PI and other participants in this proposal have a proven track record in the organization and administration of shared resources. The institution provides substantial support to the Laboratory for Macromolecular Analysis & Proteomics including support for the instrument specialist who is overseeing use of the existing analytical ultracentrifuge and who will take charge of the new instrument requested in this grant.
Effective start/end date4/1/023/31/03


  • Cell Biology


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