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Administrative Core is responsible for management of study resources, integrating scientific research findings of the Longevity Genes Program Project, serving as a liaison with collaborators, recruiting and follow-up of study participants, and working with the Cores to ensure timely and quality data generation. These functions are carried out in cooperation with two established committees. The Administrative Core works with the Committee of Investigators to establish program priorities, allocate resources to meet individual project goals and coordinate the sharing of resources across projects. This committee will monitor subject recruitment and retention, supervise data management, and review scientific advances and progress. The Administrative Core relies on a Scientific Advisory Committee to provide input regarding analytic approaches and study procedures, and is responsible for implementing their recommendations and suggestions. Finally, the Administrative Core manages the relationships between LonGenity and the Einstein Aging Study (EAS) and with our institution. This includes the preparation of annual progress reports for the National Institute on Aging and the Einstein Committee on Clinical Investigations. In addition, the Administrative Core is charged with maintaining relationships and contact with enrolled subjects, which is critical to the success of the longitudinal study design.
Effective start/end date9/1/077/31/08


  • National Institute on Aging: $79,897.00


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