9th International Neurotoxicology Assoc (INA9) Meeting

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DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant) The meeting of the International Neurotoxicology Association (INA) will be held 23-27 June, 2003. The meeting will be held in Dresden, Germany, at the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Standards (Berufsgenossenschaftliches lnstitut Arbeit und Gesundheit-BGAG). Dresden is an outstanding locale for this meeting due to its proximity to the former socialist Eastern Europe nations providing an opportunity for scientists from those countries to interact with North American and Western European scientists. In addition to scientists from academia, industry, and governmental organizations, INA has developed a formal program to encourage predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows to participate in its meetings through a student symposium. Symposium participants, selected through a competitive process, receive full support to attend the INA meeting. The objective of this symposium and student recruitment is to develop a cadre of younger scientists who will enter the fields of neurosciences and toxicology. The overall objectives of INA9 are to communicate new research findings in neurotoxicology, promote neurotoxicology by bringing together symposium speakers from a variety of fields to educate participants in areas beyond classical toxicology, bring together laboratory research from the molecular to the behavioral level with epidemiological studies, and develop collegial relationships among scientists through a small, focused, and informal meeting. The following topics will be discussed at INA9: Chemical senses and toxicity; auditory dysfunction and chemical exposure; visual system toxicology; neurotoxicity of polybrominated biphenylethers in development and adulthood; neurotoxic mechanisms and effects of toluene exposure; neurological diseases and consumption of plants; role of diet and nutrition in neurotoxicology; receptors and ion channels in neurotoxicology; cholinergic inhibitors: from therapeutics to terrorism; and risk assessment in neurotoxicology: patterning and routes of exposure.
Effective start/end date3/1/032/28/04


  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: $12,000.00


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